Department of Mechanical Engineering, Punjabi University, Patiala has uniquely positioned itself as the centre for excellence. It has always been on the forefront in exploring ways to render the courses relevant to the advancing engineering.
Department of Mechanical Engineering constantly strives to develop persisting individuals capable of engineering the face of tomorrow. They are groomed to yield the best in them using innovation, creativity and technical competence. The curriculum is regularly updated to match with changing global trends in technology. The students are provided with the best guidance and the state of art infrastructure and facilities to support them in their academics. It is also ensured that necessary opportunities are provided for the self-development of the students in a conducive and congenial environment, thus promoting team work and proactive participation.
I am extremely proud of the perseverance and hard work of both the students and faculty and take this opportunity to congratulate them for immense success in their endeavors.

Dr. Vinay Kumar Gupta

Professor & Head
Phone Number : +91– 175 – 3046323