Machine Shop

Horizontal Milling Machine, Vertical Milling Machine, Slotting Machine( 6″ Stroke), Surface Grinder( Size 9″ * 18″), Shaping Machine (18″ Stroke), Lathe Machine Turnmrx-35(800 mm ABC), Vernier Caliper 8″ with fine adjustment, Magnetic Stand with Flexible Arm.

Fitting Shop

Radial Drilling Machine, , Pillar Drilling Machine, Bench Drilling Machine (Cap 1/2″),  Bagson Make Granite Surface Plate with Stand , Vernier Height Gauge, Vernier Height Gauge with fine vernier adjustment, Cast Iron Anvil 50 kg,  Stand for cast Iron Anvil 50 kg, Bench Vice 6″,

Sheet Metal

Hitachi make Precision Hand Grinder 6mm with accessories, Hitachi make Pistol Drill Machine with Accessories, Sheet Bending Press with accessories tool kit, Pistol Drill Machine (Heavy Duty )With Accessories, Hitachi make Nibbling Machine 1.6 mm with accessories, Heavy Duty Geared Bending Roller three type, 

Foundry Shop

Oil Fired Tilting Furnace, Smoke Extraction Unit, Pit Furnace (Coal Fired), Molding Boxes ( M.S Fabricated ) Cope & drag (2 pc set), Core Baking Oven, Motorized Sand Muller of capacity 20 kg


Cast Iron Anvil( 75 kg ), Clamping Vice (leg vice 5″), Stand for Cast Iron Anvil 100 kg, Cast Iron Swage Block , Cast Iron Anvil Size 100 kg, Open Hearth Forge, Chimney of Open Hearth Forge .

Welding Shop

Bench Vice 4″, T.I.G Welding Machine, A.C. Arc Welding Set, D.C. Arc Welding Machine, M.I.G Welding Machine, Gas Cutting Set, Oxy Acetylene Welding Set, Chop saw, Spot Welding Machine

Carpentry Shop

Jig Saw Machine, Bench Drilling Machine, Chain & Chisel Machine (Motorized Machine), Multipurpose Wood Working Machine, Vertical Band saw Machine, Wood Turning Lathe, Wood Vice Heavy Duty